About RWE

With 24 operational wind projects in the U.S., RWE has more than 2,250 turbines spinning to produce over 4,000 MW of electricity – enough capacity to power around 1 million U.S. homes.

RWE currently has three additional wind farms under construction in the U.S.:

  • Cranell Wind Farm, a 220-MW facility in Refugio County; Texas;
  • Big Raymond, a 440-MW facility in Willacy, Cameron and Hidalgo Counties, Texas; and
  • Boiling Springs Wind Farm, a 150-MW wind farm in Woodward County, Oklahoma, RWE’s first project in the state.

With its North American headquarters in Chicago, RWE has invested nearly $8 billion in communities across the U.S. and more than $1 billion throughout the Midwest. According to the non-profit American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Wind Powers American Annual Report 2019, RWE ranked 6th in cumulative U.S. wind power capacity ownership market share, with 3,246 MWs and 3.1 % capacity owned.

About the Radford’s Run Wind Farm:

RWE completed construction of the Radford’s Run wind farm in 2017, which immediately began delivering economic benefits to the area. RWE began working with Macon County the same year to explore bringing the benefits of wind energy to the eastern part of the county. It found strong interest and support from local landowners and others. As owner-operator of nearly all its projects, RWE has developed a reputation for being a committed, engaged, and honest community partner.

Key benefits of Radford’s Run in Macon County:

  • Its 139 Vestas 2.2 megawatt turbines produce 305 MW, enough to power 90,000 Illinois homes.
  • Approximately $48 million will be paid in stable lease payments to 310 farmers, ranchers, and other landowners for 30 years – helping to sustain and boost the local economy.
  • From 2010 to 2018, 310 landowners in Macon and DeWitt Counties (including 196 who don’t even have turbines located on their land) received nearly $13,205,000 in reliable lease payments. They will continue receiving payments through the life of the wind farm.
  • Radford’s Run is the largest, single-phase wind farm built in Illinois and was the largest wind farm built in the entire country in 2017.
  • The wind farm represents a long-term, stable and reliable source of revenue to support the county’s budget, helping to fund priorities such as schools, first-responders and key infrastructure projects.
  • $46 million will be paid in local tax revenue over 30 years, including:
    • $4.7 million to Austin Township
    • $2.6 million to Maroa Township
    • $7 million for social services, public safety, etc.
    • $31.8 million to local school districts
  • Since tax year 2018, RWE has paid the county $3,300,000 in tax revenue.
  • Tax revenue to help strengthen local schools and create new opportunities for current and future students.
  • The benefits of the project extend across Macon County. Every property owner in the county has enjoyed a reduction in property taxes due to the revenues generated by the wind farm.
  • RWE spent $20 million to upgrade over 80 miles of local roads at no cost to the county.  Because of the high quality of the construction, maintenance or repair will not be necessary for many years – saving the community significant expense.
  • More than 300 on-site jobs were created during the construction phase, with 390,000 total man hours of good wages paid to contractors and sub-contractors.
  • 21 permanent jobs created.

Meet the team

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Development Outreach Manager
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Senior Manager, Wind Development
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Associate Developer
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Wind Development Manager
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